Vidmate APK is one of the popular and best known video downloading Android app which is the choice of millions of people around the world in order to download their favourite songs, videos and other multimedia content. This superb app is offered to the users free of cost and can be downloaded easily and instantly in just few seconds from 9Apps store which offers a variety of apps in different categories. This video downloading app from where you can download online videos, movies and many other things is not only popular for downloading the videos but also for several exciting and interesting features which you will never find in any other App such as the users are provided with an option to choose the quality of the video including HD formatting, lower quality etc. In addition to this, it also consumes very little space of your device and take up very less space in the memory of your device to perfectly download all the videos liked by you in an organized manner.

This stupendous app also features a very great function for the music lovers because if you like to download songs then you can you do the same by just searching for any available video from more than 20 different platforms which are set by the team of developers in the app by default and by doing so, your preferred audio and video will be saved in the device automatically. Not only this, the registered users of this app also provided a facility to add secondary video portals as these are not available appear on the main interface of this app. The users are even allowed to download their favourite apps as well as games on their concerned Android Phone or Tablet directly from within the app and can also update the same by discovering the update option for vidmate.

Vidmate app download install APK

Specifications of Vidmate

File Size 6.9MB
Type Media & Video
Version 3.34
Require Android2.3 or later
Developer UCweb
Downloads 60,00,000 +
Update 2017-12-29

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Vidmate download 2018-

Vidmate is a video downloading app which has been launched few years back and now it is worldwide used by millions of people across the globe. This video downloading app gets updated after regular intervals of time in order to ameliorate its existing features and also to add the new ones to make its functions and features better than ever. There is one update which is yet to come in the year 2018 and with that updated version, vidmate becomes one of the smoother and the best app to download the videos online from internet directly in your android device.

Now, put a glance on the points mentioned below so as to understand the main features or highlights of this video downloading app –

  1. In the updated version of 2018, the users will be provided with the facility to download the videos in parallel parts in order to boost up or accelerate the download speed of their favourite videos and movies.
  2. In this app, you will find an option to resume paused or broken downloads if it is supported by the website from where you are downloading the video in your device.
  3. It is supportive of large file downloads so that the users do not find any sort of hurdle or hassle to download the movies and enjoy the same anytime and anywhere on the go.
  4. The best part of this app is that it can easily run in the background so that the users can perform other tasks simultaneously.
  5. The users can also open the videos with their favourite media player as per their choice and preference.
  6. This app also comes with the feature which help the users to automatically detects a link from their web browser.

Vidmate 2018 app APK download-

If you want to download the updated version of this video downloading app then just click on the header or footer options and get it installed now directly from download 9apps through APK..

How to download install Vidmate version 2017 –

If you like vidmate app 2017 and wants to install it to download your favourite YouTube videos and songs in your device then you have to follow a complete procedure and steps to get it in your concerned device. There are some points which are mentioned below that you have to follow one by one, so just have a look-
There are two ways to download this app in which the first one method is to download it from 9apps. By downloading it from 9apps store, you it allows you to download those apps which are not available on Google play store for direct downloading.

  1. In the very first step, you have to open any browser in your mobile and visit the 9apps store where we will find out app for downloading this app 2017 version.
  2. After clicking on that tab, you will be notified regarding the possible hazards of downloading this file with the message as ‘This type of file can harm your device’ and you have to just ignore that because this app is not going to damage your device anyhow. For this, you have to click on Ok.
  3. When the download gets completed, you will get a message of the same so you get to know about the completion of your download.
  4. Then you have to click to initiate the installation of the app.
  5. In the last step, it will ask you about the permission request from media storage and you have to click on install button so it will start to install so you can launch the app and use the same.

There is another method to download vidmate from APK, look at the steps which are mentioned below to get the app from this method-

  1. To get the app directly through APK, just click on the download latest vidmate APK.
  2. After that, enable the unknown sources via settings> security and click on the allow installation of apps.
  3. Now open the vidmate apk file to start the installation in order to get the app download it in your device concerned.
  4. Then click on install button to complete the installation of vidmate app.

Features and benefits-

Here are the key points which describes all the key features and benefits of vidmate videos downloader app, just take a look-

  1. With the help of this app, one can easily download his favourite videos and Mp3 song in any quality right from HD to lower quality according to his choice and preference and as per the device concerned.
  2. The registered users of this app are also allowed to download end number of movies and watch the same anytime and anywhere on the move.
  3. One can even browse all his favourite TV shows and download any of them in order to watch it later on with the help of this app.
  4. There is a unique feature offered in this app in which the users can collect more than 200 live TV is with it and the best part is this genre of live TVs ranging from news to music, movie to sport and many other categories.
  5. The users are also offered with an option to download best or top rated Android apps directly to any device.
  6. It has many other unique as well as interesting features which you will never find in any other video downloading app.

Download Vidmate for Android –

Vidmate is one of the best YouTube video downloading app for the uses of Android which is a choice of millions of people despite of having so many video downloading Android apps available in the market due to its amazing features and reliable functions.
Following are the main features offered in the vidmate app for the users of Android, just put a glance so you may get a better understanding regarding the app-

  1. This stupendous app includes access to downloading different videos games, apps and much more on your Android device right from within the app and also provides the facility to the users to update the same and discover new options.
  2. The Android users are also provided with the facility to get additional secondary video portals that does not appear on the main interface.
  3. In this app, there are more than 20 different options available which you can use to find, and store any clip according to your choice and preference.
  4. With the help of this app, the users can choose the quality that they want to view and download videos in, which includes HD formatting and other lower quality setting options which takes very less space on your memory.
  5. There are different platforms set by default which can automatically save audio as well as video tracks in your device.

Vidmate for iOS –

Vidmate is a video downloading app which is getting popular day by day and the developers of this app who created this exclusively for the users of Android now launching it for the iPhone user so they can also avail its amazing features and functions. Download vidmate for iPhone which is the one stop solution for streaming your favourite videos, TV shows, movies and much more directly in your device. This amazing and one of the best video downloading app is compatible with the iOS operating system.
The developing team of this app after working very hard, has launched this app for the uses of iPhone or iPad and enables them to watch and download their favourite videos anytime and anywhere on the move without any hassle directly in their concerned device.

Vidmate for PC –

For the users of computers and laptops, vidmate is one of the best and must have download app which enables them to watch free videos, TV channels, movies and listen to their favourite music on their PC.
By using this app, the users can easily and instantly get the desired videos and latest movies and download the same to watch it anytime and anywhere on the move without any sort of difficulties. Vidmate is one of the rare app which has and ability to download all video and have more than 200 free TV channels to watch latest movies without paying a single penny if everything is free here.

However, there are some steps which we need to follow in order to use this app in your PC. So just look at the points which are mentioned below to get a better understanding-

  1. First of all, the users of need an Android emulator to run an Android app on their computer which enables them to get the best experience of browsing their favourite TV shows, movies, videos and much more.
  2. After downloading BlueStacks emulator, you have to select your operating system like Windows, Mac etc and search for the search box then click on the vidmate app.
  3. Now you have to click on the application to download and install the app on your PC.
  4. After installing the app in your device, the vidmate icon will get generated on the display and you have to click on the icon to get start vidmate on your computer.

Now look at some of the main features offered by vidmate for the users of PC or computer-

  1. One of the best feature of vidmate app which is offered to the users of PC is that one can easily download or watch any video, movie, song, TV Show com game and much more directly on the application.
  2. The users can also get to know about the experience of other users with the help of review option of videos like thumbnail which will help them to watch any video according to their choice and popularity.
  3. Pause and resume option is also offered in the app so the users can have ease to stop and resume any video and never miss any thing.
  4. This Superb has a collection of multiple websites which gets load in a very fast way which is considered as one of the good and a great feature of this app.
  5. The registered users are even allowed to download multiple files or videos in HD quality and can even avail the feature of live streaming.

How to download vidmate from 9apps store ?

Vidmate is a popular video downloading app which is downloaded by millions of people from 9apps store as this mini sized app store offers the user a facility to get all their favourite apps in a blink of an eye without consuming much space in there Android mobile phone or any other device and that too, free of cost. The users who download vidmate app from 9apps store get a lot of Amazing features and benefits like they can download unlimited full movie without any charge and not only this, it also provide download sources and different quality and formats and cover all genres of movie from Hollywood, Bollywood and movies in different regional languages. In addition to this, it supports about 5 lakh high quality song and cover music in different languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannad and many other languages. The advance download technology of this app enables the users to download multiple videos at the same point of time and also supports background download option along with download resume and download stability. With more than 200 live TVs, it covers movie, music, fashion, news, entertainment, sports and many other different channels.

Vidmate app download from 9apps store

Due to the above mentioned benefits and features, people download vidmate from 9apps store and here we have mentioned some of the points which describes a procedure to download vidmate from this app store, so just put a glance on the points noted below-

  1. In order to vidmate from download 9apps , first of all you have to scan the QR code and find the video downloading app.
  2. After finding the HD YouTube video downloader- vidmate, you need to check the Android version to verify the compatibility of this app with your concerned device.
  3. To check the compatibility, just go to settings of your phone and click on the About the phone option in which you will find the Android version of your device as this app is compatible with Android version of 2.2 or later.
  4. Then follow the link and find the download option which is located on the header or footer options of the site and click on any of the option to get the app installed.
  5. After the completion of download and installation of this app, the last step is to tap on the icon to open the app as after this step you can use it anytime and anywhere and avail all its features.