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The romantic songs in bollywood movies has been the most important part in them. Music has always remained and will always be an important part of bollywood movies .Now a days there are few movies that are been released without any songs but there was a time when the bollywood movies were launched with a bundle of songs in them . Even today to be on a safer side every movies have a romantic in them even if its the only song in the full movie. Romance is something which is been admired by all around the world. When we think of romantic songs video the era that comes to our mind is the 90’s. In which singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Sonu Nigm, Abhijeet and K.K., and musicians such as Nadeem-Shravan and Jatin-Lalit used to make sure about getting to listen to several sweet-sounding and evergreen romantic songs.

The music that was been used by them and of-course not to forget the lyrics , they were so good . They made sure to make everyone fall for that song. But as the time passed by and era changed the change in music can be seen clearly . Electric music , rap etc have changed the music today but those romantic songs can never be replaced by anything. But the past few years has all been about romantic songs and many of them turned out to be the best . And thus, listening to such type of songs will truly drive us back to the soothing era of the 90s. There are plenty of songs that bought our faith back in love , of-course the lyrics too helped in it alot. We can find all these romantic songs very easily in the website of Vidmate app. This app is your one stop for all your music needs.

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