Download Top Girl-fashion video

Download Top Girl-fashion video

Top girl fashion video for girls is the most popular website currently used by many users. people are addicted to shopping if you have a dream of being the latest top girl you have to look glamorous cute with new styles, with the latest updates of numerous bugs and style you can have every opportunity for gaining and looking perfect, you can visit various launches and Discover favorite apps and games. You can customize and maintain capturing the special moments that you have spent in purchasing and getting your best dress which includes dresses shoes that top model uses.

Women are changing and their thinking is integrated and valuable, they are the members of the society where women are given status. Women are working in the political and social arena. It is common to see young girls being journalist, entrepreneur socially and genuinely becoming an individual and playing a part and a great role in the society. If you speak about fashion or any other and to women are gaining and being courageous to do business and corporations taken initiative for gender diversity. Many women and girls are believed to be a leader and playing a great role in accepting their identities. Girls are working in a corporate world and they are trying to maintain their fashions and wear fashionable clothes to keep up with the trend of the new fashion and the latest quality.

Most of the women are changing the roles of men in today’s world, they are a great human being, a great cook, a tutor, a money saver and providing many things to the family. Many girls have a passion for buying new and fashionable dresses.

Nowadays sitting at home you can order your favorite dresses on the Internet you can download the fashionable sites with the latest quality clothing which are available every day. One of the best websites is the 9Apps through which you can download all the favorite website of finding new and latest trendy dresses and fashionable clothing, you can also download the videos for fashionable top girl and order for your fashionable dresses. Downloading the top girl fashionable video for girls is one of the best and the most used site by many users.

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Strong/Power women list

Rank Name Age Country Category
1 Angela Merkel 63 Germany Politics
2 Theresa May 61 United Kingdom Politics
3 Melinda Gates 53 United States Philanthropy/NGO
4 Sheryl Sandberg 48 United States Technology
5 Mary Barra 56 United States Automotive
6 Susan Wojcicki 49 United States Technology
7 Abigail Johnson 56 United States Finance and Investments
8 Christine Lagarde 62 France Economy
9 Ana Patricia Botín 57 Spain Finance and Investments
10 Ginni Rometty 60 United States Technology
11 Indra Nooyi 62 United States Diversified
12 Meg Whitman 61 United States Technology
13 Angela Ahrendts 58 United States Technology
14 Laurene Powell Job 54 United States Philanthropy/NGO
15 Tsai Ing-wen 61 Taiwan Politics
16 Michelle Bachelet 66 Chile Politics
17 Federica Mogherini 45 Italy Politics
18 Safra Catz 56 United States Technology
19 Ivanka Trump 36 United States Politics
20 Adena Friedman 48 United States Finance and Investments
21 Oprah Winfrey 64 United States Media & Entertainment
22 Marillyn Hewson 64 United States Manufacturing
23 Isabelle Kocher 51 France Energy
24 U.S. Supreme Court Justices – United States Politics
25 Ruth Porat 60 United States Technology
26 Queen Elizabeth II 92 United Kingdom Politics
27 Anna Wintour 68 United States Media & Entertainment
28 Ho Ching 65 Singapore Diversified
29 Emma Walmsley 49 United Kingdom –
30 Sheikh Hasina Wajed 70 Bangladesh Politics
31 Beata Maria Szydlo 55 Poland Politics
32 Chanda Kochhar 56 India Diversified
33 Aung San Suu Kyi 73 Myanmar Politics
34 Lucy Peng 45 China Technology
35 Pollyanna Chu 60 Hong Kong Finance and Investments
36 Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi 56 United Arab Emirates Politics
37 Amy Hood 46 United States Technology
38 Jacinda Ardern 38 New Zealand Politics
39 Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic 50 Croatia Politics
40 Jean Liu 40 China Technology
41 Bonnie Hammer 67 United States Media & Entertainment
42 Nicola Sturgeon 47 United Kingdom Politics
43 Nikki Haley 46 United States Politics
44 Rosalind Brewer 55 United States Diversified
45 Gina Rinehart 64 Australia Metals & Mining
46 Erna Solberg 57 Norway Politics
47 Stacey Snider 57 United States Media & Entertainment
48 Phebe Novakovic 60 United States Diversified
49 Elvira Nabiullina 54 Russia Finance and Investments
50 Beyoncé Knowles 36 United States Media & Entertainment
51 Peng Liyuan 55 China Politics
52 Margarita Simonyan 38 Russia Media & Entertainment
53 Mary Callahan Erdoes 50 United States Finance and Investments
54 Zhou Qunfei 48 Hong Kong Technology
55 Thi Phuong Thao Nguyen 48 Vietnam Diversified
56 Lisa Davis 54 United States –
57 Roshni Nadar Malhotra 36 India Technology
58 Güler Sabanci 63 Turkey Diversified
59 Lubna S. Olayan 62 Saudi Arabia Diversified
60 Dana Walden 53 United States Media & Entertainment
61 Katharine Viner 46 United Kingdom Media & Entertainment
62 Feng Ying Wang – China Automotive
63 Donna Langley 50 United Kingdom Media & Entertainment
64 Marianne Lake 49 United Kingdom Finance and Investments
65 Hillary Clinton 70 United States Politics
66 Mingzhu Dong 64 – Manufacturing
67 Melanie Kreis 47 Germany –
68 Dalia Grybauskaite 62 Lithuania Politics
69 Priscilla Chan 33 United States Philanthropy/NGO
70 Gwynne Shotwell 54 United States Construction & Engineering
71 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw 65 India Healthcare
72 Zanny Minton Beddoes – United Kingdom Media & Entertainment
73 Miuccia Prada 69 Italy Fashion & Retail
74 Isabel dos Santos 45 Angola Finance and Investments
75 Solina Chau 56 Hong Kong Technology
76 Lam Wai Ying – Hong Kong Manufacturing
77 Kathleen Kennedy – United States Media & Entertainment
78 Kersti Kaljulaid 48 Estonia Politics
79 Arianna Huffington 67 United States Media & Entertainment
80 Judy Faulkner 74 United States Technology
81 Fabiola Gianotti 57 Italy Philanthropy/NGO
82 Lynn Good – United States Energy
83 Geisha Williams – United States –
84 Mary Meeker 58 United States Finance and Investments
85 Taylor Swift 28 United States All Star Alumni
86 Patricia Harris 61 United States Philanthropy/NGO
87 Drew Gilpin Faust 70 United States Philanthropy/NGO
88 J.K. Rowling 52 United Kingdom –
89 Eliza Manningham-Buller 69 United Kingdom Philanthropy/NGO
90 Raja Easa Al Gurg – United Arab Emirates Diversified
91 Debra Cafaro – United States Real Estate
92 Shobhana Bhartia 61 India Media & Entertainment
93 Lee Boo-Jin 47 South Korea Service
94 Jenny Lee 46 Singapore Finance and Investments
95 Kirsten Green 46 United States Finance and Investments
96 Belinda Johnson 51 United States Technology
97 Priyanka Chopra 35 India –
98 Kathryn Petralia 47 United States Finance and Investments
99 Anne Finucane – United States Finance and Investments
100 Beth Brooke-Marciniak 59 United States Diversified


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