Features of vidmate

TOP FEATURES-All the videos which you download through this site are stored onto the storage library of your device which is being organized by download data. Even for downloading music it gives you a choice of over 20 platforms to search on. You can easily choose from those options and can download it without any tension. You can also find here format changing option which will help you to download any video song and change into audio as by audio and video converter. You will never find these features in any other application so if you want to download any thing you can download from this application.

  • Advanced download : save time and data with the cloud server technology when we download movies form vidmate.
  • You can download multiple as well background with resume feature.
  • No limit : download as many movies for free with no download limt per day.
  • Addons Built in Browser : one stop shop to get different apps inbuild in browser like Whatsapp, bookmark, Yodesi, facebook etc.

Basic Features

  1. Watch live videos, TV shows and movies in one click.
  2. You can download either from vidmate or from Google play store.
  3. More the 130+ live channels are available world wide.

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