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Few months back I had seen one movies, In which they are showing one story of metro city girl (Delhi) and I was so shock after seeing that movie, It has made in great topic which is so realistic which can probably happens with every city girl, may be sometimes it get more dangerous which is very much horrible, Just because of one incident not planned , which is just random incident and could be happened by very another girl, It just changes the life of the 3 girls, who are just innocent and not done any thing. Just because of the fault of some another people, It just made their life hell. People always judge girls, Why don’t they speak about boys?.

Now I’m sure you got this movie by these hints, This is Pink and it is starring Tapsee pannu. It is the story of 3 Delhi girl who went for party and got victim in the party with the big name so called boys, They fight for their rights, Another very important role in this movie is played by Amitab Bachhan .In this movie he is playing the role of very dark lawyer, Who helped those girls in getting justice this movie will inspires you a lot and also give you lesson. This movie is just open the eyes of the society an especially those uncle and aunty who never ever blame their boys even they killed some one, or raped any girl.

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