neerja movie download free with vidmate

Neerja movie download free with vidmate

Real life stories are something which always make us learn so many things. People fall down and then stand and then fall down and then stand this circle always get move throughout the life. But what if we left our life is saving any body’s life or doing something very great full and amazing. I just want to say that there are very less story exists in this world which has very sad ending but when something end up it stars with new.

Here I am talking about one air hostess who is very beautiful, lean, amazing, attractive and having best personality. Not just body and physic she had pure heart which saves lots of life’s. You must be heard about neerja. She is the air hostess, cabin crew who left her life saving hundreds of people. But so many people were not knowing exact about her life. So bollywood decided to make movie on this particular accident. This movie is based on real life story of neerja Banot. This movie is released on the year 2016. This movie is having most famous bollywood celebs. Rating of this real story is 4.5 stars over 5 stars. The movie genre is drama/ biopic. The duration and timing of this movie Is1 hours 42 minutes. This whole time is making us very scared and proud to be Indian and having such a brave gril in this planet. This courageous girl character is played by sonam kapoor. Mother of this girl is playing by the most famous actor Shabana Aazmi. Music composer and singer is also there is this movie. This movie has made every one very sad and proud. This girl has saved hundreds of flight passengers from the hands of terrorists.

I had seen this movie so many times as I really love this movie. I just proud of that girl. Now just ask me where do I get this movie. I always download movies from vidmate app. The one and only app which always help users to get all the bollwood movies is very good picture quality, and very good sound quality.

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