pink movie download free with vidmate

Pink movie download free with vidmate

Tappse pannu again come with her most awaited movie name ”pink” This movie is going to rock on the bow office as this movie has collected lots of love. Not just tappse pannu, Amitab bacchan is also there is this amazing movie. This movie has created lots of buzz in the Indian audience. After realizing on the box office this movie has collected very good budgets. This movies also make us learn some things. Not let us see the cast and crew of this movie. Genre of this movie is drama. This movies is realizing on 2016. Timing and duration of this movie is 2 hours 16 minutes. This movie is directed bu Aniruddha Roy Chaudhary. Not let us see the cast names. Main lead cast of this movie is Kriti Kulakarni, Tappse pannu, Andrea tariang, Amitab bacchan, piyush mishra, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Angad bedi. They are the lead actors of this movie. Pink movie is about the 3 girls who are living indelhi and had one party which has changed their life. Tappsee pannu is playing the lead role in this movie. She along with her other actors gave best in this movie. Their acting skill is very nice. Amitab bachhan is playing the role of lawyer in this movie who helps 3 delhi girls in getting justice. Amitab bachhna is the super star and being in this movie he is creating little bit excitement for the audience. As you all agree with the fact that Amitab bacchan always choose the right movie, He always take cares about his public. He always knows what his audience ask from him. Everything either it is script, screen play, dialogues or direction every thing he wants perfect in his existence. Pink movie is now released on Indian cinema. Pink movie has great expectation as this movie has 2 amazing lead actors (tapsee pannu and amitab bacchan). This movie has gained lots of love along with good bow office collection.

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