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Movies plays very crucial part in our life, For maintaining our need for giving us knowledge for making us learn so many different things and I am one of those. I have some collection of movies which are not just entertaining but also very helpful for our knowledge. Few days later I had seen one movie by the help of VIDMATE which is one of the most popular app for downloading movies. That movie name is “Udta Punjab”. This movie has very dark lesson. This is dedicated to the drug addicts of Haryana and Punjab. This movie as very amazing actors and directors. This movie is totally non glamorous. This is very realistic movie with a strong message. This has made its own importance in the cinema. Now let us look on the star cast and lot more information about this movie.

This movie is released on the year 2016. The timing, duration and running time of this movie is 2 hours and 28 minutes. Now let us look on the rating things it is said that rating is good then film is amazing. Many people watch movie on the basis of its rating. This movie has get 4.5 stars over 5 stars which si very good for the audience. Critics are also voted this movie very good stars. Now let us move to the star cast and crew of this movie. This movie has 4 lead stars which are very much famous on Indian cinema. First is aalia bhatt who have very different look in this movie. This is very tough and very different movie of aalia. She is not at all looking beautiful and glamorous in this movie. Another cast is Shahid kapoor is playing the role of drug addict in this movie. karrena kapoor she is the doctor in this movie which has having great importance and our diljeet dosanjh is inspector in Punjab police and satish kaushk is also there is this movie . They all stars are having bold and powerful role in this movie. If you had not seen this movie up till now I beg you to watch it through VIMDTAE. Download this movie from vidmate and enjoy all its best features.

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