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Vidmate for laptop is a real time video and audio download apps for your entertainment.  watching movie in your laptop just like a theatre where you can enjoy watching movie but in case of theatre you have to pay lots of money and even you have to West lot of time to watch a single movie but in case of watching movies in your laptop  it’s totally free when you will use vidmate downloader and you can have options to download latest movie or old movies whatever you want with a single click.  In India it’s a crazy about having laptop with widescreen most of the people dreams to have laptop with lots of Internet in the Air hard drive.

People of India love song especially emotional song there are lots of audio and video of songs in the laptop.  even they make small clip video of them self with the help of laptop Camera which they want to upload in Facebook YouTube etc.

Having laptop is an status in India and if you have hydrogen and graphic laptop then most of your friend want to watch videos in your laptop they will ask you to bring your laptop to watch movies,  and if you have collections of movie then there is no doubt you will have lots of friend who wants to make friend with you to watch new movie.

So if you want to be smarter in your friend just download vidmate video downloader in your laptop it support all the windows and Apple version so you  do not need to  install third party applications.  you will get vidmate from official website for that you have to search in Google or Yahoo by writing vidmate apps it will show you lots of result relevant to vidmate applications to download you can go for official site of vidmate or you have a direct download links in this page you have to click the download image which we have product provided at the top of the page.

Laptop Windows virsion 8.1/10/8/7/XP/Vista

Download video from Youtube YTD

Download video from Facebook

Download video from Instagram

Download video from Twitter

Download video from Vimeo

vidmate install macOS Sierra
10.12.6 16G29, 16G1036, 16G1114, or 16G1212
10.12.5 16F73
10.12.4 16E195
10.12.3 16D32
10.12.2 16C67
10.12.1 16B2555 or 16B2557
10.12 16A323

vidmate install macOS High Sierra
10.13.6 17G65
10.13.5 17F77
10.13.4 17E199 or 17E201
10.13.3 17D47, 17D102, 17D2047, or 17D2102
10.13.2 17C88, 17C89, 17C205, or 17C2205
10.13.1 17B48, 17B1002, or 17B1003
10.13 17A365 or 17A405

vidmate install OS X El Capitan

10.11.6 15G31, 15G17023, 15G18013, or 15G19009
10.11.5 15F34
10.11.4 15E65
10.11.3 15D21
10.11.2 15C50
10.11.1 15B42
10.11 15A284

vidmate install OS X Yosemite

10.10.5 14F27
10.10.4 14E46
10.10.2 14C109
10.10.1 14B25
10.10 14A389

vidmate install OS X Mavericks

10.9.5 13F34
10.9.4 13E28
10.9.3 13D65
10.9.2 13C64
10.9.1 13B42
10.9 13A603

vidmate install Earlier versions of OS X
Lion 10.7
Snow Leopard 10.6
Leopard 10.5
Tiger 10.4
Panther 10.3
Jaguar 10.2
Puma 10.1
Cheetah 10.0

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