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Today’s world can be very much called a world of computerization and digitization. Here everybody prefers to go for something that would consume lesser memory and would give better outputs.  Hence software and program designing companies and invested and wracked their minds a lot in creating program that would use minimum of computer resources and would offer maximum functionality.

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Me and most of my friends just love programming and coding. Hence we just keep trying newer things that can bring a revolution in the field of programming. Our works used to be more oriented towards creating and executing programs that would help the users or the coders in broader sense to make their use in getting maximum functionality out of them while making them consume minimum computer resources. For doing newer things we must always be in search of legacies related to what we are aiming at. Hence, one day we came across a program being launched named as the “U Torrent”. Afterwards a massive talk went on in between all the coders. We discussed a lot on this software program as this one was a lot near to our legacy. It was very much near to something that we were trying to launch. Precisely, it was very much like a perfect kind of legacy for us. Hence, a very useful group discussion among us in which the following points were concluded about this app considering both its merits and demerits-

(i)Its initial release was made way back 11 years ago . However, its stable release has been made very recently updates.

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