YMusic YouTube music player & download

Y Music YouTube music player can be downloaded from YouTube vidmt, music gives every option for listening to your favorite music when you are in offline mode. You can listen to music from YouTube videos even when your device screen is not on. You Can you turn off the devices screen and the videos, even when your device screen is off.  Ymusic has many different features you can also download many songs from YouTube and also save it in the different format on your Android. It has every possibility of not getting the internet connection but still, you can enjoy your favorite shows. Consuming data of only 90% it has a powerful lightweight music player with different images and description providing a unique app listening to your favorite music free of cost.

YMusic is freely available on YouTube video there is also the stunning music of POP, Rock, hip-hop and many more you can enjoy unlimited playlist. This application is very interesting as it can easily stream music from YouTube and other similar applications download the videos enjoy your favorite videos without any connectivity no other app has this unique features, this unique feature is available only with the Y music.

Ymusic has many different features this tool can be used to play YouTube videos while in the background and also the variety of formats can be downloading free of cost. This app helps you to save a lot of audios and videos while you can enjoy it without worrying about your data. This app can be downloaded with different formats which include mP3 format, Mp4 format; you can search music videos also with Y music. This app has different smart and beautiful combination of colors thriving images and also descriptions and playback. ymusic is also used in music player it is an open source project and superconvinient, you can also play it on HD quality for listening to music and enjoy the YouTube music with very small consumable data.

Below are list of YMusic version till dated

  • v2.4.5 – 16/06 50k – 250k
  • v2.4.4 01/05 50k – 250k
  • v2.4.3 29/04 50k – 250k
  • v2.4.2 28/04 50k – 250k
  • v2.4.1 19/03 50k – 250k
  • v2.4.0 21/02 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.14 21/02 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.13 20/02 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.12 11/02 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.11 11/02 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.10 25/01 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.9 11/01 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.8 11/01 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.7 09/01 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.6 08/01 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.4 27/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.3 26/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.2 22/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.1 20/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.0 18/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.0-beta2 16/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.3.0-beta1 13/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.2.1 03/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.2.0 01/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.2.0-beta3 01/12 50k – 250k
  • v2.2.0-beta2 22/11 50k – 250k
  • v2.2.0-beta1 10/11 50k – 250k
  • v2.1.9 09/11 50k – 250k
  • v2.1.9-beta2 02/11 50k – 250k
  • v2.1.9-beta1 25/10 50k – 250k

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