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Do you wish to change your device to Blackberry? If you wish to do so then you must be worried about the apps as it is a new device and you would like to Vidmate app in your device. Then you can forget your this worry as the Blackberry devices supporting OS 10.2.1 and above can get the app from the app store. Now, you can see your videos, listen to your music and watch your movies anytime.

For the users who haven’t listened about the app or have listened to the app about it from a friend. Vidmate is the exclusive app which can be downloaded from your app store. The app is a great app to download the movies, videos and music anywhere and anytime.  You can also stream the videos and songs on the go. Vidmate is one the best app to download the multimedia and stream it.

Trusted by many, we strive to give you the best entrainment in the industry. Some of the features of our app are:

  1. Streaming: You can stream the videos and songs anywhere and anytime on the go without any glitch. The app is exclusively for the multimedia content and is one of the prime solutions of the boredom.
  2. Downloads: If you like any video or movie, you can save it in your phone for future reference and this makes this app of great use. Sometimes it isn’t possible to get the network service and you cannot watch your favourite movie or song. That is the part where offline services come in use.
  3. User Experience: The seamless user experience makes the app usage fun, as you get seamless smooth animations and transitions while browsing through the videos, songs and movies.
  4. The availability: App is available in most of the app stores. So, that you don’t have to compromise after you change your respective device.
  5. No Ads: You don’t have to surf the web to download the video as this would be easy for you to download it from the app. So less you surf the web means you see fewer ads and this would make your movie watching experience smoother.

Is it really good?

The app is one of the best music and video streaming apps on the web. You can download them, share them and can see them with the friends. These features make this app a great tool in day to day life. With millions of movies, we try to keep you always entertained. The Blackberry devices are one of the best devices to watch movies and listen to songs and this thing has been given special care. So you can download the app from your respective app store and do rate us.

After downloading the app if you have any query do let us know as we are always happy to help our customers and if you got any suggestion you can mail us or contact our customer helpline anytime.

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