Vidmate download 2018 latest Tamil movies

The old fashioned way to stay updated with what is happening in the movie world is Vidmate app. This app is what all your friends are talking about. Usually, the content makers stick to Hollywood and Bollywood movies, but Vidmate gives you the option to watch the films made in your native language. Yes, we are talking about Tamil movies. Tamil folks watch a lot of vernacular movies. Just try the app once, and you would be a big fan. Non-Tamil people can also enjoy Tamil film with subtitles. This app is famous not only in India but worldwide because of its rich content. It is impossible to search for a movie on this platform and not find it. The reason behind that is the app partners with almost all movie websites.

There are a lot of apps where you just have to sit in front of the screen and watch the download bar move showing you how much  of the movie has downloaded, but in this app, you can let the video download in the background as you go about other business on your android, windows or apple device. You can also pause or resume a download as per your wish. But, this does not mean it is tough to track your download, the download progress is always on display on your phone for as and when you want to check the progress.

Space occupied

The app and its movies do not get stored on the internal memory, and these get downloaded on the SD card thus taking up no space, and therefore no lags and memory issues.

Quality and cost

The movies are all HD.  It does not cost anything. The speed of download is excellent. The app respects your privacy, and there is no chance of a virus attack.

Compatibility with operating systems

Like we discussed above, the app is Apple friendly, and Android friendly. Not just that, the latest version of this app is also Windows friendly, so we have all the gadgets covered. The technology is hi-tech, you can also go for the Lite version for when your internet speed is too low. So, this means you can also download movies with a lousy internet connection.

Recent Releases

You no longer need to worry about paying a lot for the movie of your choice. Vidmate offers a movie download of films that have recently released, and to impress your girlfriend, get some movie downloaded, a group of friends, and some popcorn at home.

This app is just for Tamil movies, but Vidmate has other apps to find regional language movies from across the world.

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