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Movies are the best things we have on this planet. We love to watch them whether they are made by Bollywood, Hollywood or even Tollywood. Many times during the ultimate boredom we decide to watch a good movie and for this, we decide to surf the web to get a perfect movie to watch. Whether it is boredom or your favourite weekend it is always good to see perfect movies with a good story and for this, you go to Google and type the movies name. When you visit some sites the only thing you see is the annoying ads. You ultimately get frustrated and then you decide to do something else. Well, this is very bad as your liberty to watch the movies has been stolen by the ads.

Keeping these problems in mind we decided to bring you the app that can stream as well as download the movies in a short period of time. Vidmate is the app which is one of the most efficient apps to download and stream the movies, videos and music. The app is specially built for entertainment purposes so that you don’t pass your whole weekend in the boredom. The app includes many features some of them are listed below.

  1. The Non-Stop Entertainment:  The nonstop entertainment is the thing that a person wants in one’s life. We have millions of videos, movies and songs so that you don’t get bored at any time. The app includes a lot of resources to make every moment of your weekend blissful.
  2. Ease of Access: The content can be accessed with a lot of ease as you can use the app with a lot of ease without any interruption. The UI has been kept as minimal as possible so that even a small kid can use the app which makes the app user-friendly.
  3. Download Anytime: You can download the content anytime anywhere you want the app gives you a lot of ease to download the desired movie. The videos, movies and songs are saved for the lifetime in the library until you remove them from the library.
  4. The Variety: We offer a wide variety of language for your entertainment. Whether it is English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil or any other language we have content in every language possible. The entertainment is seamless and we have made it large enough for most of your weekends.

The list of the features doesn’t end here as we try to make the app more and more useful. We keep updating it on a regular basis as we try to resolve the issues as soon as possible. The app has been built with love and by keeping the Indian customers in mind. So, the major content we have added is for every age group.

After downloading the app if you have any query, please do mail us at or ring us. We would be happy to help you any time as customer’s satisfaction is one of our main principles.

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