Vidmate for PC windows download

Do you know which is the best software to watch, share and download all the music and videos that are filled with entertainment? Well, no doubt it is the Vidmate. The Vidmate has revolutionized the entertainment industry by providing the top class entertainment for free to everybody. The Vidmate has capitalized the mobile devices and has arrived for its PC fans.

Most of the times we spend our free hours watching the videos on any website like YouTube, Vimeo or any other. The videos we watch are sometimes so good that we wish that we can download them and to do this we surf on the net about the online video downloaders and the only thing we end up doing is watching some popped up ads. That gives us a headache and we are just hoping to find some good website so that we can get that video. In the end, you give up as you can’t watch more ads. Well, we listened to this problem of users and made the Vidmate. Vidmate is one stop solution to download the music, movies and other videos too. With too many features here are some of the features that app has:

System Requirements to download Vidmate For PC/

old version : 32 bit windowsxp,7,8,10 or Mac v10.6 or v10.7 OS
new version : 64 bit windowsxp,7,8,10 or Mac v10.6 or v10.7 OS
Ram : minimum 512 MB (old)
Ram : minimum 1 GB (New)
Graphic: no (old)
Graphic : Good graphics card or drivers.
Space for video download : 60 GB

Features –

  1. You don’t need to search the whole web to just download a single video as Vidmate will do it for you. The Vidmate will make sure that you can download any music and any video directly without any hurdle your PC.
  2. With this download feature, Vidmate too has its own library to download the music, video and movies that you like. You can browse them, stream them and download them whenever you want to do it.
  3. The software has the movies and videos in a varied categories. This means you can download the movies and videos in your regional languages too. The Vidmate offers you a varied category of entertainment. We offer you a great variety of entertainment in different categories.
  4. The UI has been kept minimal and easy to us. The UI has been made so easy that you don’t face any lag and you can easily navigate through the app. The app has been made such that the kids can operate it too.
  5. The security has been given a special care to. The privacy of the customers matter to us most. So we have made cybersecurity of the app very good.
  6. You don’t have to surf the web to download the video as this would be easy for you to download it from the app. So less you surf the web means you see fewer ads and this would make your movie watching experience smoother.

All this makes this app of great use and you can download the app from Softonic or the website itself.

If you have any concern regarding the app you can contact us any time as our customer helplines are always open to you. We would love to listen and solve your queries as this would help us improve the app.

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